Gift Card Program

Harbor Health offers many gift card incentive opportunities. We will reward you for the care and services you receive, as recommended by your physician (and supported by Clinical Practice Guidelines).

For more information about this program, contact Member Services at 1-844-427-2671

Download form:  Member Incentive Form


Gift Card Incentive

Well Child Service 
Well Child exams for children ages 0-15 months (6 exams)  $100 
Well Child exam for children ages 3-6 years old (1 exam)  $25 
Well Child exam for children ages 12-21 years old (1 exam)  $25 
Childhood Immunizations required for child 0-2 years old  $100 
Lead Testing by the Age of 2  $25 

Women's Health Services
Pap Smear (ages 21-64) $50 
Mammogram/Breast Cancer Screening (ages 40-74)  $50 
Chlamydia Screening (sexually active ages 16-25)  $25 

If you have Diabetes 
Eye exam by your eye doctor  $25 
Blood Pressure check  $25 
A1C (blood sugar test)  $25 
LDL-C (Cholesterol test) $25 

If you are Pregnant 
First prenatal exam within the first trimester or 42 days of joining Harbor Health  $50 
Have your first post partum exam between 21 and 56 days after delivery  $50 

Asthma Service
Visit your doctor for an exam $25 

Additional Medical Service Incentives 
If you smoke joining a smoking program and quit smoking  $25 
Body Mass index (BMI) Adult (ages 18-24) BMI Percentile Child (ages 3- 17)  $25 
Health Risk Assessment Completion (new members age 18 and above)  $25