Disease Management and Prevention

Sweet Rewards Self-Management Diabetic Program

Harbor Health takes the disease, diabetes seriously. With this in mind, Harbor Health has developed a diabetic program that involves a supportive health care environment. This program is dedicated with the sole purpose of providing diabetic members the assistance and encouragement they need in sustaining a healthy lifestyle. In conjunction with area hospitals and outside health care agencies, the Pro Care Diabetic Program instructs members toward attaining the goal of diabetic self-management.

Diabetes Program - Living Healthier With Diabetes

I Can Quit Smoking Cessation Program

Harbor Health is committed to assisting those enrolled members who wish to stop smoking. In an effort to facilitate this positive change in behavior, Harbor Health has teamed up with National Jewish Health, a known leader in health behavior change, to offer the smoking cessation program. The I Can Quit smoking cessation program has been proven to be the difference between success and failure.

Smoking Program - Quit Tobacco Use for Better Health

(MIHP) Mommy and Me Maternity Infant Health Program

Harbor Health's MOMMY &ME program objective is to provide care and service to pregnant members who are enrolled in Harbor Health. Harbor Health makes every effort to identify members early in their pregnancy to ensure prenatal and post-partum care is initiated as soon as possible. High risk pregnant women are referred to the Maternal Infant Support Program (MIHP). These women receive a comprehensive package of care which addresses those areas of their lives which most likely affect outcomes of their pregnancy and the health of their infants. Services are to be delivered in a manner which encourages the member to take a more active role in her own health care. Harbor Health's MOMMY &ME Program is designed to work collaboratively with the primary care practitioners and the obstetrician/gynecologist to ensure the member receives the care she needs to have a positive outcome for herself and the newborn infant. These members will receive a $50.00 Target Gift Card for the first prenatal care visit and postpartum visit performed within the specified time period. At the time the member is identified as having the visits, they will receive the Target Gift Card. The member has the opportunity to receive an incentive of $100.00 if both services are obtained.

Mommy & Me Program - Maintaining Health During Pregnancy

Asthma Program-Living Healthier With Asthma

Harbor Health's Asthma Disease Management Program is designed to improve outcomes through continual, rather than episodic, care. Providing a continuum of coordinated, comprehensive care reduces the incidence of acute episodes that require inpatient or emergency room treatment. Harbor Health's Asthma Disease Management Program is a collaborative team approach comprised of health education, clinical case management and provider education. The team works closely with

contracted practitioners in the identification, assessment and implementation of appropriate interventions for adults and children with asthma. If the member has at least 1 visit to their PCP annually they will receive a $25.00 Target Gift Card.

Asthma Program - Living Healthier With Asthma

Chlamydia Screening Project

Harbor Health Plan is working to reduce racial and ethnic disparity in the rates for Chlamydia Screening. According to MDHHS, the racial/ethnic disparity in rates for the Chlamydia Screening (CHL) HEDIS(r) measure has been the largest disparity for any measure included in the Medicaid Health Equity Project.  Partner screening and treatment are essential to reduce reinfection and complications.  For these reasons, MDHHS implemented the Chlamydia Screening Project to target CHL screening for men ages 16-18 and women ages 16 -24 as well as CHL screening rates by race/ethnicity. Harbor Health Plan has developed a Chlamydia Screening Project as well.  The link below contains best practice information regarding Chlamydia.

Chlamydia Screening Project - Provider Package