Health Risk Assessments

Health Risk Assessments-Preventing Illness and Avoiding Complications of Chronic Diseases 

The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Program was developed to identify and monitor current and historical health issues that may affect Harbor Health members. The program also identifies appropriate assignment of members to disease and case management programs to ensure they receive quality health care. 

A major focus of the Health Risk Assessment Program is to ensure, when appropriate, that members are empowered to self-manage their illness. Harbor Health assists the members in making decisions regarding their health care and receiving appropriate medical care and support. Harbor’s goal is to ensure members receive continuity of care, continuous clinical evaluations, and positive humanistic and economic outcomes resulting in improved overall health. Harbor Health will identify members as they are assigned to the health plan by performing a health risk assessment questionnaire. If the member completes the telephone assessment they will receive a $25.00 Target Gift Card. The Health Risk Assessment Program is very closely tied to the Disease Management Program and assist in identifying members for specific disease management outreach activities. As members are identified and referred to the disease management program, Harbor will also incentivize those members according to the specific disease management criteria. 

Program Monitoring

The quality management staff will perform the HRA tool monthly. Each new member will be contacted and asked questions about their current health concerns. 

All HRA tools performed will be tracked within the program tracking tool. 

Members referred to the disease management programs will be monitored within the specific disease management program.